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Short Moral Stories in English for Kids

Definition of Moral Stories 

Write moral stories English story writing has been important incorporated as a part of writing skills to test the writing competency of the writers or students. It develops imaginative power as well as self-expression also. Writers and students will be given outlines and asked to develop the points in the form of a story. A story writing format obviously needs to be expressed in words necessarily. The story is intended to entertain and or give a message in general. 

Short Moral Story Writing Format 

  1. Form an obvious idea of the plot from the given outlines.
  2.  Give a perfect, amazing, and suitable title of the story – Which All Capital Letters.
  3. Think to develop the points to form full sentences one by one.
  4. Maximum connects to the points by joining.
  5. Use the past form of the verbs.
  6. Direct speech may be used as much as possible to make your story natural and very interesting. 
  7. Add moral if asked.
  8.  Remember relevant points may be added, If too important.
  9.  Avoid unnecessary details.
  10.  You choose or write your story topics in such a way that when the reader will read them and he will be interested in your story.

Types of Moral Stories 

Generally, an English story is intended to teach moral lessons. Stories may be of different types:

  • Fables

To learn the short story of inanimate objects in the form of animals or characters. A narrative of supernatural or exceptional individuals or incidents.

  • Relating to social values

Social values are the result of importance so that people change their life experiences. What is going on in society, the market value of goods should be more or less, etc.

  • Folktales

The story that takes place among people, the story that happens on a special basis among people.

  • Human being

A story of a man, woman, or child of the specific characters.

  • Describing life experiences

A story describing life experience and knowledge learned by living.

Short Moral Stories for Kids in English


[Note write a suitable headline and fully capital]

There lived many mice in an old house. They were happy. One day a cat arrived there. He was hungry. He wanted to kill all the mice one by one. This made the mice frightened. They could not move independently. A mouse said, “We’re in great trouble now. We’ve to solve the problem.” So, he called all the mice in a meeting to discuss it and find a way out. Many discussions went by. Many gave many plans. The problem remained the same. At least a young mouse stood up and said, “I will be a plan in my mind. Let’s tie a bell around the cat’s neck. It will warn us of the cat’s arrival.” All the mice thanked him for his good plans. But an old mouse stood up and said, “Dear friends, who’s to bell the cat?” No mouse was willing to take the risk.

Moral: It’s easy to say but difficult to do

Kids Moral Stories in English


Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. A mouse was distributing his sleep. The lion rose from his sleep in anger. He caught hold of the mouse and was about to kill him. Then the poor mouse pleaded, “My lord, don’t kill me, please. Someday I will repay your kindness.” The lion took pity on the mouse and let him go. Sometime after, the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He began to roar in rage. The mouse heard the roar. He ran to the spot. Reaching the spot, the mouse said, “My lord, I am at your service.” he began to cut the net with his sharp teeth. He cut the net into pieces. Thus the king of the forest was set free. The lion said at last, “You are my real friend. I am grateful to you.

Moral: A small help may be a great help.

Small Moral Stories in English


One day the sun and the wind had a great quarrel over their strength. The sun demanded that he was stronger than the wind. On the other hand, the wind also demanded that he was stronger than the sun. The sun saw a traveler passing by. The sun said, “My dear friend, I find a way to settle our dispute. He who will be able to take off the traveler’s coat will be the stronger,” The wind agreed. The wind began first. The wind blew harder and harder. The traveler held his coat tightly around the body. After trying a lot, the wind gave up his hope in despair. Then came the turn of the sun. He shone brighter and brighter. The traveler could not bear the heat. He felt warmer and warmer. He put his coat off at last. The sun won the contest.

Moral: Persuasion is better than force.


Moral stories for kids are straightforward to you can write as your condition through story writing format. If you needed, there is another story writing format in it, and you can let us know in the required comment so that we can put that format on our post.


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