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Report Writing Format Class 12, Topics, Examples

The report Writing format is one of the essential items of writing skill. Newspaper report various kinds of events, e.g., games and sports, national or international politics, meetings, accidents, festivals, business reports, social, natural calamities, and cultural report writing topics.

How to write report?

  1. A Heading with Capital Letters should be given as it tells us what the news is about.
  2. The date and place of the event should be mentioned on the left-hand side of the space.
  3. Generally, the sentences are written in the passive voice of the verb.
  4. Indirect speech is usually used.
  5. The name of the reporter may be noted at the start or the end of the report.
  6. The written composition should be in lucid and simple language.

NOTE: The very first line of the report is an extension of the heading.

It would be best if you remember these basic things before report writing topics.

  • Be sure that you use vocabulary that is acceptable for the intended audience you are addressing.
  • Be sure that you write in paragraphs.
  • Read as many reports as possible. This is going to give you an idea of how they are written precisely.
  • Understanding the query and reading between the lines is very relevant.



Report Writing Marks:
Heading & Reporter’s Name 01 Marks
Content 04 Marks
Expression: words, accuracy, appropriate and grammatical 05 Marks

Report writing format samples


Date : XX/XX/20XX Time: 00:00 A.m. P.m.
Incident: Severe cyclone (80 km. per hour)
Where: (Areas City Name)
Results: Huge tidal waves; Damage to life property; more than 5000 people rendered homeless; train services disrupted.
Relief measure: Immediate relief provided by the state government



[City], December 20 A terrible cyclone wind struck [State name] coastal areas, at [City] and [State name] in particular, and caused severe damages. The cyclone, which started blowing at 80 km. Per hour at about 00:00 A.m. (Tuesday) of December 20, causing massive tidal waves. The tidal waves flooded the shores and caused an enormous loss of life and property in two districts’ coastal areas. More than 5000 people were rendered homeless due to the sudden outbreak of severe cyclones. Homeless people reportedly belonged to the poor community. Train services were disrupted due to the collapse of the communication system. The police and the army at once rushed to the areas carrying necessary supplies. The Government of [State name] provided immediate relief to the people affected by the cyclone.

School report writing format

Day: August 15
Name of the School: School Name (HS), Howrah
Decoration: The whole building with flags, festoons, Garland, pictures of the martyrs, etc. The Headmaster of the school hoisted the National Flag.
Details of the function: The National song sung by the student’s parents, March past by NCC cadets, paying homage to The martyrs, patriotic songs sung by the Students, speech delivered by the HM, Distribution of sweets.


[School Name]

August 15 Demo High School (HS), [School address] observed Independence day at the school ground with grandeur. On that day, the whole school building was nicely decorated with garlands, flowers, festoons, flags, and pictures of the martyrs. At 9:00 a.m., the National Flag was hoisted by the Headmaster of the school.
The flag was saluted by all present there, and the National song was sung by all the students present. NCC cadets marched past with drum beating and bugle playing. Then the function started. Homage was paid to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the nation.
After that, patriotic songs were sung by the students. Then the Headmaster delivered a valuable speech on the significance of the day and the necessity of sacrifice to keep the independence day intact. The function came to an end through the distribution of sweets among the students.

Report writing format class 12



Kolkata, December 25 December 25: Vegetables are grown in the city’s dump yard, Dhapa, are toxic. If consumed, they could damage one’s liver and cause a genetic disorder. The Indian Institute of Chemical Biology submitted a report on this effect in 2020. But the state has been sitting on it ever since. Vegetables from Dhapa arrive in tonnes in Kolkata’s markets. The IICB took samples from Dhapa and non-Dhapa areas. The study found chromium and lead content was considerably high in Dhapa vegetables. The toxic elements came from nearby tanneries. These vegetables were harmful if consumed over some time.
Even today, there’s no plant to treat the sewage water used extensively to irrigate the fields. It was reported that the government had formed a committee to find remedial measures to the pollution caused by leather units in Dhapa. But the government sat on the report.



How to write a report format sample it is very easy to you can write as your condition through our given report writing format. If you needed there is another report writing sample format in it, you can let us know in the required comment so that we can put that format on our post.


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