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Dialogue Writing in English, Example, Topics

What Is Dialogue Writing?

Dialogue writing in English In fact, dialogue is a conversation between two or more people. It is a talk on an important topic, incident, or event. We should always remember that dialogue writing is a useful form of writing skill. It expresses the thoughts, views, thinking, or opinions of the people involved in the conversation/talk. It is necessary to acquire skills in spoken English.

How to Write a Dialogue?

  • First, select at least two imaginary persons.
  • Make the person talk about the given topic.
  • Make the point easy and natural.
  • Distribute the sentences between the speakers in a proportionate manner.
  • Let the speakers take turns to debate their views.
  • Sentences should be very easy, short, or simple so that the next person can understand quickly and avoid learned phrases.
  • Own word sentences can often be used.
  • Use contracted expressions as far as possible
  • Use tag questions to substantiate a statement/information
  • Polite words have been used.

Example of Dialogue Writing In English Topics

Conversation between Teacher and Student for obtaining permission to leave.


Student      : May I come in, Sir?

Teacher    : Yes, do come. What is the matter?

Student      : I want to leave, Sir. I can’t continue my classes.

Teacher   : What’s happened to you?

Student      : I’ve got a high fever. I feel too hot. I also feel pain all over my body.

Teacher   : But, how can I allow you to leave now? It’s the 1st half period going on. Why did you come to school then?

Student      : Sir, I was absolutely fine at home. I was even ok when the class started. During the half period, I began to feel restless.

Teacher   : All right, I’ll give you no more trouble. Do you need anyone to go with you?

Student      : No Sir. I’ll take a bus from the bus stand. I think he will be of great help to me.

Teacher   : All right, please call me after you reach home.

Student      : Sure Sir. Thank you.

Teacher   : You’re welcome.

Conversation Between Doctor and Patient


Patient       : May I come in, doctor?

Doctor          : Yes, come in, and take that chair, please. What’s your problem?

Patient       : I am suffering from a loss of appetite. I feel uneasy.

Doctor          : Any other trouble?

Patient       : No, doctor.

Doctor          : Let me show your eyes and tongue. Let me feel your pulse also. Do you feel weak?

Patient       : Yes, doctor. I feel very much weakness.

Doctor          : Do you like smoking?

Patient       : Oh yes. I like to smoke sometimes it is my habit.

Doctor          : All right. I am prescribing medicine. But medicine alone will not work. You have to quit the habit of smoking.

Patient       : All right, Sir. I will try my best. Thank you, doctor.

Dialogue between Customer and Shopkeeper


Shopkeeper   : Can I help you, please?

Customer   : I need five kilos of Sugar, two kilos of rice, 1 liter of refined oil pouch, and some fresh vegetables.

Shopkeeper   : You will get everything here expert the vegetables.

Customer   : Oh, if you can help me achieve this perfectly, that would be even better.

Shopkeeper   : Oh, yes, give me the list.

Customer   : Here it is.  [After a few minutes]

Shopkeeper   : Sir, your basket is ready.

Customer   : How much are they?

Shopkeeper : Seven Hundred Fifty rupees.

Customer   : Here’s the money.

Shopkeeper   : Thank you.

Shopkeeper   : Thanks a lot for your help.

Dialogue between a student and the branch manager of a bank.


Student    : May I come in, Sir,

Bank Manager: Please come in. Take your seat. What can I do for you?

Student    : I am a student of class eleventh. I live in the building behind your bank. I want to open a savings bank account with your branch.

Bank Manager   : You’re welcome. What’s your name, please?

Student    : My name is abul seikh.

Bank Manager    : Have you money with you? You’ll have to deposit a minimum balance.

Student: How much, Sir?

Bank Manager    : The minimum balance is Rs. 500 for a student.

Student    : Yes, Sir, I have the money with me.

Bank Manager    : Please go to the 4 no counter. He’ll do the needful for you.

Student    : Thanks a lot.

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