1. Request Letters

Ecs stop payment Letter to Bank

How to write Ecs stop payment Letter to Bank

The Manager,
[Bank Name & Bank Address]
Subject: Stop Payment Request for Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)
Respected Sir,
I am writing this letter to request a stop payment for an Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) transaction which is scheduled to be debited from my account. I have an account with [Bank Name], and I would like to stop payment for the following transactions:
Account Details:
Account Holder Name: [Your Name]
Account Number: [Your Account Number]
ECS Reference Number: [ECS Reference Number]
Transaction Amount: [Amount]
Payee Name: [Payee Name]
Payment Date: [Payment Date]
Due to certain circumstances, I am unable to complete the above mentioned ECS transaction at this time. Therefore, I request you to put a stop payment on this transaction to prevent funds from being debited from my account. I would appreciate if you could confirm successful implementation of stop payment and provide me written document stating that ECS transaction has been stopped.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Yours sincerely,
[Your Name]


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